недеља, 28. октобар 2012.

Trstenik ;)

I was in beautiful town in Serbia last week-while Sun was still shining! 
I had a great time there,Trstenik is so wonderful! + weather was beautiful! It's was a great chance to spend some time outside (and not studying) ! I wasn't really shopping,but I walked  for at least 3 hours. Morava was gorgeous that day,and it was sunset-perfection! 

ME WEARING: Handmade bag,Alex shirt & DIY shorts.

субота, 27. октобар 2012.

Money spent today-4 € ?

Hey guys! How is everyone this rainy week? I wasn't posting a lot,cause I was studying all the time,nothing new. Went out with my mom (she made me!) since it was a little bit sunny today,and I was planning to study for the rest of the day. Anyway,we were looking for some new clothing and what did I found-NOTHING! I just can't believe that I brought like 30 € and I've spent only 4. Kind of weird.At the very end,when I thought that I'm going home empty hands,I saw this gorgeous vintage bag! Love it so much,it's so adorable! Bag costed me only 4€ which isn't much at all. I was looking for some Coco Chanel inspired blazers,but nothing. I was ,also,looking for somethin like this cute blouse ( OASAP has it of course ) & Lenon's (Oasap perfection? )
Hope you had more luck than I did today! Love you all!

PS. 300 followers ! I couldn't be more happier! Love you all!

Oasap's perfection :( Why don't I have millions of euros to spend?

петак, 19. октобар 2012.

Last sunny days!

Hey guys! I know that I haven't been posting anything lately,but I was just so busy! I was studying all the time,and so far I have 8 marks-all A's ! wohoo! Next week I have 4 exams,which is going to be very stressfull. Ugh. Anyway,today was a beautiful day,so me & my friend Maja went for a walk to Panorama! We had a great time,weather was beautiful-sunny! How is everyone doin' this week? Anything new? Thank you very much for following me,I noticed that I have nearly 300 followers! Kisses & hugs! 


петак, 12. октобар 2012.

Let's see...My week + Joy/October 2012.

Hello guys! How is everyone doing this week? I had 2 exams this week,and I have been studying like crazy + I'm pretty much sick,guess that's because It's freezing here! I swear ,I am wearing sweaters all the time. I can't lie,I actually love wearing sweaters ,jumpers & long-sleeved shirts-so that's the only good side of awful weather here. Hope my cold will go awaaaay soon,cause I feel tired all the time,and I have to study at least 5 hours daily,so I't really tiring. Thank God it's Friday-at least I will sleep till 12 o'clock tomorrow,haha :)  I promise I will post,an outfit post soon,but I've been so busy that I just don't know what to combine these days.

Good news is that...JOY is out ! I swear I count days every month till Joy is out, my favourite fashion magazine ever! Great fashion advice,makeup guide & everything you need! These are some of the articles + the cover,but you can check it out online HERE .

CHECK OUT MY SISTER'S BLOG ! : http://nkoldzic.devote.se/

петак, 05. октобар 2012.

New Yorker-I wish I am.

Hey guys!Ugh,I hate how I don't have time to post anything! I am so busy studying,I really don't know if I can make it,God. I already have 6 marks,all A's for now ;) I have to study at least 5 hours a day, which can be really awful. I was checking New Yorker couple a weeks ago, and I got these beautiful flowery pants (summer edition) & a yellow knit sweater. 

I went , with my mom , to this great caffe near our town,I had the best pizza ever! It was a great day,every day is great when I don't have to go to school or to study a lot ,actually. How are you guys doing? Is your week stressfull or good?