петак, 22. фебруар 2013.

- Prijepolje/Part I - Always look on the bright side of life...

Hello my dear followers! This week has been so amazing and fun! First,I was free from school for 4 days,so It was a great way for me to try to relax and to do something fun,and not just study all day.
I unfortunatly had to see the doctor beacuse of my nose problems,but I don't need a surgery,thank you very much doc! I got some nos spray and gel to use the next 30 days,and I have to say I already feel a little bit better,cause I can finally sleep all night without waking up because I can't breathe.
''Always look on the bright side of life'' says Monty Python and I agree.I had an amazing time in Prijepolje- the weather was amazing! I saw so many beautiful things there and I just wanted to buy everything! Amazing stores from Legend to Reiker made my eyes and heart either bleed or melt.

недеља, 17. фебруар 2013.

Would You Wear It: Mint colour?

Pastel colors are going to be big in general this season, but mint is the trendiest hue of the bunch. This frosty shade is a lovely mix between blue and green and gives off a light, airy vibe. Mint pairs well with many colors, but we especially love how it looks with yellow, pink and teal. Mix and match a mint-colored item with one of those shades for a gorgeous and spring-appropriate look.

Would You Wear It: Mint colour?

четвртак, 14. фебруар 2013.

I still haven't found what I'm looking for....

Happy St.Valentines day! :)) Hope that everyone is feeling great today,love is in the air!
I honestly had the most boring day ever,nothing happend at all,classes were boring like hell.So I'm making a pizza right now and watching Modern Family to cheer myself up! I'm so going to enjoy this day,to relax.And ,I'm not going to school tomorrow-yay! It's Statehood Day of Serbia!
I wore a adorable beige handmade sweater,my Zara pants,Reiker boots,and my new stunning owl earings!I love them so much,and they were so cheap, 2 $ ! :)

петак, 08. фебруар 2013.

I'll be there till the stars don't shine,'till the heavens burst and words don't rhyme...

Happy Friday! What a cold day! I've been freezing all day long,why isn't winter over yet!? :( I've had enough time to do an outfit post,since I haven't done it in ages.I mostly wore really warm sweaters and my favourite fur red jacket cause this week was so windy and it was snowing or raining every single day. As always,I was studying like crazy,I got A in psychic today! :) Recently I bought this really cute coral-ish coloured blazer and I love it so much! Beige sweater is really old ( not even sure what brand it is O.o) ,my pants are from Zara,boots from Reiker and my necklace is from chicnova . ( Check out my post about it ) .Hope that you like it!

субота, 02. фебруар 2013.

What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No. 5, of course.

Hello my lovely readers! How is everyone doing this week? I have been so busy,busy,busy. School,home,school,home every single day. I was studying like crazy,but it paid off cause I got A in Geography,History,Art & English! Yay! January was such a long month,but it was an awesome one,I hope that February will be even better ( with better weather ) and more relaxing for me . :)
I decided to show you amazing wall photos that I bought recently,I love how my room looks like now!
Check it out :)