недеља, 21. април 2013.

Your face it haunts my once pleasant dreams,your voice it chased away all the sanity in me...

Hello everyone! How are you all this week? I'm actually pretty sick,I've been resting this weekend,drinking lots of tea,but I had to share great photos of my Tuesday outfit.It is really sunny in my town,and I finally wore my denim jacket and beige Converses.I hope that I'll get better so that I can go to school tomorrow.I actually studied a lot this week and I got A in Geography,Chemistry and Physics! Yay! I hope that you will like the pictures that I prepared for you. Ignore the background.

субота, 13. април 2013.

Red meets Stripes / I don't know about you but I'm feeling 22.

This month I am seeing stripes everywhere! Shirts,skirts,dresses,pants-it seems that everywhere I go there is at least 10 items with stripes print.I am a big fan of them,but I have to admit that stripes don't really look good one me.I have three tops with this print and I wear them in school with my black jacket and Converse sneakers.However,I was free to make a collage on polyvore ,trying to mix this print with one of my favourite colours-RED!

петак, 05. април 2013.

Like the circles that you find In the windmills of your mind ...

Hello everyone,my dear readers and followers.How is everyone doing this first week of April? I have to say that I'm very happy that the snow is finally melting in my town.I think that I'll be able to get rid off my coat next week. I wanted to tell you that I had a great week,I got A in History,English,Chemistry and P.E. , yay! My mom made me some pasta to celebrate today! :) Nothing new happened this week,I was studying,listening to music,watching the new season of Castle and How I Met Your Mother. :) Did I mention that someone stole my Sherlock hat? Yeah,I am very mad.It costed me 2 euros and it was adorable.I don't think I'll find a similar one soon.