недеља, 30. децембар 2012.

Don't forget these times,I know I'll find you in the back of my mind...

Hello my dear bloggers! I had an amazing weekend! School is finally over and I can't be more happier than this! :) All A's at the end ! Looks like my hard work has paid off ,finally. Anywho,I was planning to spend first week of my winter break just relaxing,going for a walk with my friends,etc.BUT,On the last day of school,on Friday,my everything but normal teachers gave me hundreds and hundreds of freaking homeworks. It's like the Universe just doesn't want me to relax for a day,yeah ,why not give me to learn and prepare an Art project,3 History lessons,2 Geography lessons,2 Franch lessons,3 Physics lessons + To read and analize a book for my Serbian class. Yeah,why not,I wasn't going to do anything for this 2 weeks break. I don't want to be boring now to all of you:) I'm decorating my Christmas tree today in golden/red mix.This year has been amazing for me,starting with my freshman year to having this amazing blog and making so many great friends here!
How are you spending these last days of 2012? Love you all.

среда, 26. децембар 2012.

You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky, as we walk in fields of gold...

Hello everyone! I had an amazing week(it's not over yet,but it is still going to be awesome) cause I did all my freaking exams excellent! I am so happy right now,my hard work has finally paid off .My sister is back in town for a few days,I have been hanging out with her all day long.Next two days will be so great for me cause I don't have anything to study (can you believe it!?) and my classmates and moi are preparing a little party on friday to celebrate the end of 1/2 of schoolyear ! :) In these cold days,I have been listening to Sting as much as I can,and that means all day long.
This is what I wore today,not classy or fashionable but in the spirit of Christmas and New Year.I love this sweater from Street One so much that I bought a blue one ,too.My pants are from Zara. Sister brought me this adorable hat from Gina Tricot.
How are you guys spending these cold days,is it snowing in your town? Has your school finished?
Love you all,xo

петак, 21. децембар 2012.

Blogging 'till the world ends! :)

Hello guys! I feel so bad for not posting anything this week,but I was so busy! I actually had 6 exams in one week-crazy ! I think I did them well,since I was studying like crazy the whole week. English exam was my favourite so far,but Physics exam was so hard (I don't think I did this one well)!
However,this weekend will be more relaxing! :) It's snowing here,and It's so beautiful outside ( although I don't like winter at all) ,everything is so white,peacefull,just stunning. My sister is coming next week ,and I'm so exciteeeeeed! I bet we're going to make some really awesome photos to share with you guys. To celebrate the 21.12.2012. I'm going to a party tonight at my friend's home:) I think I will post an outfit post later this week.
How was your week? Did you believe that the World is going to end today or not,I am very interested in your opinions ! :)

Love you all.

среда, 12. децембар 2012.

It's 12.12.12! :)

What a great day! Today,at school, at exactly 12:12 o'clock my friends and moi made a wish (well,I have to admit I've wished not just one thing) ! We had a blast! I find this day very special,cause this date will happen again for 100 years,in next century! :) I have a feeling that I've participated in something amazing :) So ,today I made some of those really easy,but still so cute,hairstyles ! Of course,I found a youtube tutorial on doing it,and these are the final results! Enjoy!
How was your special day? :) '

PS. I got Christmas Cupon from Chicnova and I ordered gorgeous feather necklace! To mark this amazing day of December 12th ! :) Hope it will come just in time for Christmas and New Year! :) 

субота, 08. децембар 2012.

Would you wear it: Brown for winter?

Would you wear it: Brown for winter?

These beautiful outerwear items will keep you protected from the Autumn and Winter elements! I chose this ones,I'm not sure will you like it ,but I would wear them anytime!I love brown colour,you can always combine it with anything,from denim to tights for any look you want-chic,girly,brave.You can mix it with any colour,which makes brown one of mine's favourite colours! I've got some really cool tips for you,if you need any help or inspiration for your brand new winter outfits! Check it out and tell me what you think about brown colour& winter?

субота, 01. децембар 2012.

All I want for Christmas is.... CLOTHES!

Well,I want clothes not just for Christmas,lol. Anyway,since it's FIRST DECEMBER,I decided to search for some winter style photos,it's getting cold soon! Hope you'll enjoy.
How are you guys going to spend these last 20 days of your lifes?! Me? Yes,you guessed-I am going to study! No,seriously,one month is left for fixing grades,new exams,new grades - it's going to be living hell for me for the next 20 days! Wish me luck!I wish you all very happy weekend,love you!