петак, 25. јануар 2013.

The Best Dressed Men In Hollywood.

Hello guys,I'm so sorry that I haven't post anything lately.I was so busy,I had to study a lot ( I still do) but It's finally Friday ,so I can write somethinnng :) It's snowing like crazy in my town,and I'm so tired that I'm so going to sleep after doing this. Made myself a blueberry tea and a sandwich,and I feel so gret right now,Firday is my day to relax,listen to music,blogg. How about you?

Men have historically put lots time and effort into dressing up. From top hats and zoot suits to velvet jackets and mohawks, men's style has evolved in the same way that women's has.In my opinion there are lot of guys with a great style and fashion sense,but I picked 10 of them that I love the most! I read lot of articles on this topic,but I made my list.I don't only like their style,fashion sense I love what they do,I'm a big fan of all of these stunning men. Enjoy,and tell me your opinions,I'll be happy to hear if you agree with me or not.

PS.I'm weak on a man in a suit

уторак, 15. јануар 2013.

I love you Chicnova! +500 followers!

What a great way to start the second part of this school year!
I woke up this morning a little bit angry cause it was raining and it was just so hard to get out of my bed! Then the mailman started ringing on my door bell like crazy,I actually ran to my doors like it was a Formula 1 competition ! But my mood soon got so much better since he gave me my package from Chicnova ! I was so happy,I didn't even mind that it was snowing & raining at the same time!
About a month ago I recieved a happy news that I won the 9.90$ Christmas coupon! I got a chance to choose myself a Christmas gift from this amazing women's fashion styles online boutique . But it was so hard to choose ,since there are so many amazing things ,from jewellery to clothing !


недеља, 13. јануар 2013.

Would You Wear It: Emerald Green?

Emerald, also called emerald green, is a tone of green that is particularly light and bright, with a faint bluish cast. The name derives from the typical appearance of thegemstone emerald.The first recorded use of emerald as a color name in English was in 1598.
It's Pantone's official color of 2013 and I am already seeing the shade everywhere, from classy dresses and handbags to playful rain boots and nails.Some of my favourite beauty and fashion brands are already stocking beautiful emerald pieces Would you wear it classy,chic or casual,simple?Seems like everyone has at least one emerald green coloured piece of clothing,or emerald as jewerly (gorgeous) or just emerald coloured nails! :) 
So...Do you wear it,do you own any emerald green coloured dress,skir,shirt,shoes? Or you don't think this is the right colour for you? Can't wait to hear your opinions! :)

Would You Wear It: Emerald Green?

недеља, 06. јануар 2013.

Obsessive minds like mine are speed dialing you...

 Hello my dear friends,how are you doing this week? I've had such a great time on the first week of my winter break! I did study tho,and I did half of my Art project-it turned out so gorgeous! I had time to finally watch the new season of 'New Girl ' ! yay! My sister was in town for a couple of days and we had a great time :) I want to take time to say that I've also watched brand new season of 'The Mentalist ' and my love for Tim Kang is just not normal!Love him so freaking much!
What TV series do you love and watch? I mostly watch crime/comedy series like TVD,Modern Family,Castle,Sherlock,Monk,Physch etc. :)
Love you all,xo.

среда, 02. јануар 2013.

I saw a city in the fog and an old church tower,where the seagulls play...

I hope that 2013 will be even more great then 2012! I am thankfull for this blog,so many great friends that I met in past year,so many great songs that I discovered,so many great followers I got .I am thankfull for my good grades,health,love,peace in my family and in my country.
I don't celebrate New Year,so I didn't do anything special.Made myself a pizza and popcorns,bought a Coke and some sweets and watched TV the whole night.Since I am on my winter break ,I had enough time to enjoy in these cold winter days with my friends,and I have to say that I am pretty relaxed right now.I do have to study from tomorrow,but I don't mind it at all.
How did you spend New Year-party,home or somewhere else? I can't wait to hear!