недеља, 25. август 2013.

Helsingor / Klampenborg (Bakken) , Denmark . / And the rest is still unwritten...

Hello my lovely readers! I got the opporunity to visit one of the most interesting cities in Denmark - Helsingor. It is such a beautiful city,full of interesting buildings,monuments and of course - castles . We went from Helsingborg (Sweden) to Helsingor (Denmark) by a ship called Aurora. We travelled for about 20 minutes,it's not that far away. And I enjoyed the view from the shipboard. It was such a beautiful day,sunny but windy.Perfect combination. Please,ignore the fact that I look awful in my shorts but they were really comfortable for my trip and they look good with this HIM shirt that my sister gave me .I really hope that you will enjoy in these photos and some facts about this beautiful city. 

недеља, 18. август 2013.

Landskrona,Sweden - First days / I can't ever change without you, you reflect me, I love that about you...

I had a great opportunity to visit Sweden this summer,thanks to my mom and aunt.I was soooo excited because I really wanted to visit Sweden and it looked like Sweden is an amazing country,especially my aunt's city - Landskrona.I don't know where to start. It was my first time to travel by plane and I was so excited and not scared at all and it really was great! I sat next to the window and the view was just amazing! I think that the flight lasted for less than 2 hours. I cannot express my happines at the moment we came to the airport in Malmo,I swear I started shaking from excitement! It was 11pm when I finally saw my aunt,uncle and sister.Auntie started crying and it was really beautiful to see them again. My sister Nina drove us to their flat,and we talked until the sunrise.Such a beautiful day ! I will never forget it!