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Joy- July 2012.

Just went and bought this little miss sunshine :
-On the cover of new JOY is Emma Stone. In an interview with Joy Magazine she's talking about her brand new role of Gwen in 'The Amazing Spiderman' , her relationship with Andrew Garlfield , how her mom beat cancer and other interesting stuff.

JOY is recommending us makeup for this summer. 
- first photo: Tropical Charm : If you're putting intense color on the entire surface of the eyelid, the nails should be in the same color to avoid too colorful look. Start with turquoise, you should put up under the eyebrows, as well as through external and internal corner of the eye. Use blue mascara for more intensive look. Nails should be colored in shades of turquoise.For the end put  pink lipstick .
-Turquoise Eyeshadow (ArtDeco)-6 euros.
-Pink Lipstick (L'Oreal Paris) - 9 euros
-Turquoise Nailpolish (Deborah) 2 euros

-second photo: Sweet Dreams :  Light-yellow eyeshadow should be discreetly applied to the eyes, and nails should be in color of lavender ,nothing too dark. Use black eye crayon and apply black mascara.For the end apply the light orange lipstick.
-Light-yellow eyeshadow (Artdeco) - 6 euros.
-Slightly orange lipstick (Chanel) - 33 euros.
-Lavander Nailpolish (Bourjois) - 7 euros.


-first page: RED...COLOR OF LOVE ! This color is very strong and leaves a memorable impression. Your summer outfits should have an interesting accessories in shades of red. Try it !
-Red Jacket with puffy sleeves (AMC) - 47 euros.
-Red High heels (Emelie Strandberg) - 25 euros.
-Red elegant pants (Stefanel) - 120 euros.
-Red Sailor shirt (New Yorker) - 7 euros.
-Red beach sandals (Rox) - 9 euros.
-Red vintage high heels (Urban Shop/Bettie Page) - 28 euros.
-Red Mini-skirt (New Yorker) - 21 euros.
-Big red bag (Kitten) - 42 euros.
-Red long necklace (Mango) - 10 euros.
-Red watch (Miss Sixty) - 83 euros.

second page: GREEN COLOR..LIKE EYECATCHER ! If you have red hair with light tan or if you're blonde with dark eyes,then greend clothes will look gorgeous on you ! Try every shade of green and don't be shy to experiment with color !
-Green sunglasses (New Yorker) - 7 euros.
-Green dress with belt (Mango) - 34 euros.
-Green sandals with platform I (Emelie Strandberg) - 21 euros.
-Green bag with flower (Deichmann) 
-Slim light green jeans (New Yorker) - 25 euros.
-Green sandals with platform II (Bata) - 52 euros.
-Green ring (New Yorker) - 11 euros.
-Light green sailor shirt (Mango) - 18 euros.
-Green scarf (Deichmann) - 6 euros
-Green watch (Slap Watch) - 32 euros.

-first page : YELLOW..COLOR OF SUN ! Yellow color looks amazing on dark tan,and it should be combined with light denim and white color. Also,don't forget to try NEON YELLOW !
-Yellow watch (Miss Sixty) - 85 euros.
-Yellow Blouse without sleeves (Mango) -  25 euros.
-Neon Yellow sandals with mini-heel (New Yorker) - 16 euros.
-Yellow shorts (Mango) - 21 euros.
-Yellow  bag (Deichamnn) - 13 euros.
-Yellow high heel sandals (Collezione) - 35 euros.
-Yellow XXL ring (New Yorker) - 3 euros
-Yellow necklace (Zara) -16 euros.
-Little yellow bag (Mango) - 11 euros.

second page: PINK COLOR...TO ATTRACT ATTENTION ! Be creative and combine accessories in ALL shades of pink ! 
-Pink XXL bag with gold details (Aldo) - 47 euros.
-Pink braclet (Aldo) -12 euros
-Pink XXL ring with flower (New Yorker) - 5 euros
-Pink bag with orange details (Aldo) - 32 euros.
-Pink sandals with platform (Emelie Strandberg) - 27 euros.
-Pink earrings (Aldo) - 12 euros.
-Pink slim jeans (New Yorker) - 36 euros.
-Pink watch (Miss Sixty) - 87 euros.
-Pink flower skirt (Mango) - 35 euros.
-Light neon pink shirt (Mango) - 23 euros. 


Summer 2012 MUST HAVE:
-accessories wit feathers

Summer fantasy

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