уторак, 03. јул 2012.

Tivat,Montenegro :)


Tivat is an area with extraordinary natural beauty. Its geographical position, climate and natural beauty make it a very attractive tourist destination. Boka was described and celebrated in verse by many poets, writers and scientists.
Although it is the youngest town in the Boka region, Tivat has many interesting and attractive destinations. Renaissance Summer House Buca in the centre of city,Flowers’ Island with sacred monuments, Gornja Lastva, the old nucleus at an altitude of 300 m (984.25 ft), the magnificent sandy beach at Plavi Horizonti and  cottages are the most visited tourist destinations in Tivat area. In the city itself there is the natural port Kalimanj. There is also a choice of cultural events, such as "Bocce Olympiad" and "Summer Fest".

Look from caffe.

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