уторак, 14. август 2012.

Would You Wear It: Denim Rompers and Jumpsuits?

I actually do have one denim romper and I love it ! I combine it with my USA flag printed shirt and sandals inspired by the ones that people wore in anicent Rome or any other kind of sandals (even with platform) .How are you wearing denim rompers?

Summer's sweethearts–denim and rompers–have come together in this collection of 18 denim rompers and jumpsuits. How are you wearing denim rompers?

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  1. I actually have a pair of denim overalls! I wore them here http://trendenvy.blogspot.com/2012/04/childhood-fashion.html =)


  2. hello you!
    i've really been wanting to get some for years now but am so scared of looking silly.
    thanks for the inspiration of how to wear them, i'm even closer to buying a pair now.
    laura xx

  3. I really love jumpsuits.They look so great.
    Come and visit my Blog:)


  4. hi thanks for the visit, i think these jumpsuits will be the new trend too! i'm following you on gfc now, please visit me too and see if you want to follow? :) i think you'll like some of my outfits!


  5. Hey doll yup I love denim playsuits and jumpsuits they just have to be styles perfectly otherwise they can be a disaster!Lol Lovely post dear and thanks for leaving such a alovely comment on my blog and for following I'll definately follow you too your blog is amazing! Xox