субота, 29. септембар 2012.


Hello guys! I haven't posted anything in a while,cause I was so busy! I was studying all day,all night! And I only got one mark- A in Math! However,I will be busy next week ,also,cause I have three exams! It's going to be awful,ugh. It's like I don't even relax on weekends,I hate that I have to study so much! But I hope everyone had a great week!At least weather was amazing-sunny all time! Hope you'll all have great school/work days this week! I have ,like,a break now ,and I'm listening to I blame Coco-I can't get enough of Sumner family ! Love you all,xo.

1.My little kitty Damon sleeping all day long. It was so sunny,and he was just so adorable whole day.

2.Me & my friends froggy named Milisav. He's huge,and so fluffy!

3.A little bit of my imagination while studying Biology,I just love my Eeyore!

4.I't was such a sunny day! And I had to study Latin&History that day. :(

5. Sister's LV esharp or however you call it.

6. Eliot Paulina Sumner. My girl crush -I think that the new album is coming out this year! 

Have a great week everyone! Hope you'll enjoy in these two song,like I do. :)

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  1. Och I love I blame coco !! ;3
    Nice blog, do you want to follow each other? :)

  2. me encantan este tipo de post! gran blog

    pásate por mi blog que tengo nuevo DICTIONARTY OF FASHION #3

  3. Love your blog! This photos are great!
    Do you want to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin or maybe also on Facebook?? Let me know posting on my blog :)

  4. Super je kad se nekoliko bitnih stvari spoji u jednu sliku pa dobijes neizmerno vrednu uspomenu. <3

  5. bas je cool!!!:0)


  6. Hi,
    your blog is gorgous. Love the party outfit of lasts post...
    Wanna follow eacht other? I would love to. Please let me know.
    Greetings XO,