среда, 26. децембар 2012.

You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky, as we walk in fields of gold...

Hello everyone! I had an amazing week(it's not over yet,but it is still going to be awesome) cause I did all my freaking exams excellent! I am so happy right now,my hard work has finally paid off .My sister is back in town for a few days,I have been hanging out with her all day long.Next two days will be so great for me cause I don't have anything to study (can you believe it!?) and my classmates and moi are preparing a little party on friday to celebrate the end of 1/2 of schoolyear ! :) In these cold days,I have been listening to Sting as much as I can,and that means all day long.
This is what I wore today,not classy or fashionable but in the spirit of Christmas and New Year.I love this sweater from Street One so much that I bought a blue one ,too.My pants are from Zara. Sister brought me this adorable hat from Gina Tricot.
How are you guys spending these cold days,is it snowing in your town? Has your school finished?
Love you all,xo

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  1. Lovly outfit!! I really like you hat =)


  2. alaaaaa que bonita la nieve y el sweater es xulisimo!!!
    besitos y feliz navidad

  3. Gorgeous blog!❤
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  4. You look so warm!! Here, where I live, there's no cold at all! It's sunny everytime. Kisses


  5. hey, you'are following me, but you didn't left any comment. ;c i found you anyway ;) In my town, Cracow the weather is sucks. At the beginning of December it was like -15°C, but then it started to be warm and finally at Christmas it was like +8°C + no snow. ;c

  6. What an utterly cute holiday look, especially with the Fair Isle sweater and that cute beanie! :) Love it!


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    xo Nele

  8. Love that beanie! Thanks for following i also followed you :)

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