субота, 29. септембар 2012.


Hello guys! I haven't posted anything in a while,cause I was so busy! I was studying all day,all night! And I only got one mark- A in Math! However,I will be busy next week ,also,cause I have three exams! It's going to be awful,ugh. It's like I don't even relax on weekends,I hate that I have to study so much! But I hope everyone had a great week!At least weather was amazing-sunny all time! Hope you'll all have great school/work days this week! I have ,like,a break now ,and I'm listening to I blame Coco-I can't get enough of Sumner family ! Love you all,xo.

1.My little kitty Damon sleeping all day long. It was so sunny,and he was just so adorable whole day.

2.Me & my friends froggy named Milisav. He's huge,and so fluffy!

3.A little bit of my imagination while studying Biology,I just love my Eeyore!

4.I't was such a sunny day! And I had to study Latin&History that day. :(

5. Sister's LV esharp or however you call it.

6. Eliot Paulina Sumner. My girl crush -I think that the new album is coming out this year! 

Have a great week everyone! Hope you'll enjoy in these two song,like I do. :)

субота, 22. септембар 2012.

I wanna party all night long!

Hey guys! So yesterday was my great friend's birthday! Agh,I was like preparing for it 2 hours,lol. Anyway I wasn't so sure what to wear,since it was pretty cold,but I wasn't in a mood for winter clothes,so I mixed winter/fall things,it ended up pretty cool actually! I bought new boots - That was love at first sight,they are absoulutely gorgeous! Hairstyle is inspired my *MacBarbie07* school hairstyles tutorial. My friend's party was awesome! There were just a few friends + her brother,and we had such a great time.Don't let me mention THE CAKE(Yummy!)! It was mix of cheesecake & chocolate one-perfection! Great day! Today,my mom is going to village ,so my friend Maja is sleeping over tonight -wohoo! It's gonna be awesome!
PS.I survived another week of freshman year! I have to study a lot,but I hope it's woth it.


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субота, 15. септембар 2012.

Gorazde,Bosnia & Hercegovina.

Goražde is a city and municipality in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Drina river.Goražde is situated on the banks of the River Drina in South East Bosnia (see maps). The city lies at the foot of the eastern slope of mountain Jahorina at a height of 345m above sea level. The settlement is situated on the alluvial terrace in a broad valley, formed by the erosion of the River Drina. I had a beautiful day there with my little sister Anastasija(isn't she a cutie!?),mom and aunt ! Gorgeous weather,gorgeous city! Everyone who actually has any chance of visiting B&H should deff.go to Gorazde! 


среда, 12. септембар 2012.

New clock in the block.

Hello guys! Ugh,I've been studying like crazy these few days,and I just don't have time to blog:( Anyway,I hope I'll get at least good grades from this studying! But I have something new in my acc. bag - Gucci watch! :) I love it so much! It looks so classy ,but still girly with all those little ''diamonds'' on it. Love it,love it,love it ! I've also got new Gina Tricot blouse & Zara pants! Do you like wearing watches? What's your favourite brand? 

недеља, 09. септембар 2012.

Let's do it on floral way.

Hello dear friends ! I've survived first week of freshman year,and I'm so proud of myself,lol! It was okay,I expected it to be more interesting,but It was okay.It's only first week and I have to study Biology,Math,Serbian,Chemistry,Geography&History,sucks I know! Anyway,yesterday I had a great walk with my friend Maja and this is what I wore.It was sunny but not hot.We walked a lot so I wore my sneakers,so my feet wouldn't hurt. Hope you'll enjoy in this post ! What have you done this week?
Ps.Excuse my kitten Damon for wanting to be in every photo. ;) 

ME WEARING: Sister's Bershka Vest,New Yorker Pants & Nike Air Max Sneakers. + Damon.

среда, 05. септембар 2012.

UK Harper's Bazaar - October 2012 .

Well,after long,long hours of reading books and studying for school,I saw this! My favourite model of all time on the cover of Harper's Bazaar! I feel so proud . She is the perfect model ,in my opinion. What do you think of this editorial? It's kind of '90 fashion theme ... Joan did it perfect,as always ! What do you think of her? Who is your favourite model? 

PHOTOGRAPHER:  Sebastian Faena


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недеља, 02. септембар 2012.

First day of freshman year!

Oh my God. Tomorrow is my first day of freshman year ! I am so exciteeeeed ! I don't  know if I'm more nervous or excited or happy ! My emotions are just so weird today. I was packing my books today,and literally emptied my closet with all those stupid shirts that I'm so not going to wear to school ! I planned my outfit for tomorrow's big day . I decided to wear girly outfit! I'm not really sure do I wont to be really noticed tomorrow or not? I kinda of think that the first impression is the most important of all,so I decided not to go rocky as I  normaly go outside,lol. I promised myself in 5th grade I'd play Taylor Swift's Fifteen on the first day of my freshmen year. That's gonna happen tomorrow. :) Aah! Wish me best luck guys ! Do you have any tips for me? How to act first day? How was your first day of freshman year?

OUTFIT FOR FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL: Sister's Bag:Gina Tricot , Shirt:Extreme Intimo , Pants: GAP , Flats: No name , & Sister's Hoodie/Jacket : Hello Kitty.