петак, 25. јануар 2013.

The Best Dressed Men In Hollywood.

Hello guys,I'm so sorry that I haven't post anything lately.I was so busy,I had to study a lot ( I still do) but It's finally Friday ,so I can write somethinnng :) It's snowing like crazy in my town,and I'm so tired that I'm so going to sleep after doing this. Made myself a blueberry tea and a sandwich,and I feel so gret right now,Firday is my day to relax,listen to music,blogg. How about you?

Men have historically put lots time and effort into dressing up. From top hats and zoot suits to velvet jackets and mohawks, men's style has evolved in the same way that women's has.In my opinion there are lot of guys with a great style and fashion sense,but I picked 10 of them that I love the most! I read lot of articles on this topic,but I made my list.I don't only like their style,fashion sense I love what they do,I'm a big fan of all of these stunning men. Enjoy,and tell me your opinions,I'll be happy to hear if you agree with me or not.

PS.I'm weak on a man in a suit

-David Beckham.I'm not really sure that I need to say anything about this style icon.He looks good in a suit,in a jumper,in a tracksuit,with Posh-everything suits this man!

-Collin Farrell . I just love his bad boy attitude so much,that I just think that anything looks good on this man,but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who thinks this way.

-George Clooney. You don't really expect me to comment this? He makes a suit look "simply fantastic." Actually, I am pretty sure he can make just about anything look fantastic. Girls of all ages know that this man is not a style icon,but a style legend.

-Brad Pitt. Well hello there Brad,you perfect human being! Short hair,long hair -it doesn't really matter,cause this man always makes a great choice when it comes to clothes.

-Zac Efron. Oh,man,this blue eyes are killing me slowly ! He has amazing street style but he also looks stunning in a simple suit. You have to admit that he doesn't need any accessories at all,those blue eyes are everything he needs to complete his look.

 -Ian Somerhalder. Oh man,I just can't. He is just perfect,perfect,perfect. Those blue eyes,dark hair,bad boy attitude,gorgeous style-it's enough Ian,I'm already dead! Nina,you lucky girl.

-Gerard Butler. I just don't know what to say. Love this man,his style,eyes,movies. Enough. Not just that I consider him one of the best dressed men but one of the hottest.

-Ryan Gosling. Yes,I do love this Ryan more.His street style is just amazing,I deff. have to say that his street style was the best in 2012,and I hope that he will continue to look amazing.

-Ben Affleck. Oh,love this guy! He has an amazing street style,and his best accessories are his adorable kids,I don't think that I've seen a photo of him alone,what a family man!

-David Gandy. Not really sure what to say,David is brilliant! His style is just amazing! Well known face of Dolce & Gabbana looks stunning in everything,from underwear to suits.

Hope you enjoyed,
tell me who do you think are the best dressed men in Holywood right now? :)

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  1. Aaa Kolin Farel, njega obozavam i samo kao pojavu, tako da i u gacama da se seta meni bi se svideo. :D

  2. Oh really great post! I love David's and Ben's style. :)

    New post with outfit in my blog: Stripes and green

  3. Also some of the best looking men in hollywood!

  4. We love you blog <3
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  5. Love david and ryan! cute post xx


  6. such a good choice
    much love

  7. oh, yes, awesome post!love it and love ryan gosling!

  8. great post dear! I really like who you chose to post about! I haven't done a post about men in a while, and this inspired me again. Thank you so much for posting this :D !
    keep up the great job dear!
    ps: hope you like my latest post

  9. I am also weak when it comes to hot men in suits ! Great post and great choices, I would have loved to see some Aleksander Skarsgaard among those hotties, I am a True Blood (and Alex) fan, hehe =)

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  10. Nice choice of guys! My favourite in this list is George Clooney - always elegant, always stylish. Thank you for following my blog. I'm following yours too :) Keep in touch

  11. Mijauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!! Ne zna se koji je bolji. :)

  12. Oh wow Una! These men are indeed gorgeous! I look up to David Beckham really! Absolutely fashionable! :)

    Happy weekend dear!

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  14. Hope all your studying is going well!
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    Love sarah x


  15. Bekam je Bekam! Joj! Nekako su mi sportisti slaba tačka, pogotovo kada obuku odela! Samo se setim naše odbojkaške reprezentacije iz vremena Grbića, pa u odelima na prijemu, joj, joj!

  16. i love David!!
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  17. Ok!! This is what I needed on a monday night :D
    Great post (and men :P )
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    ps. I'm weak on men in suits as well :P

  18. mmm david beckham ..one of the best dressed AND best looking ;)

    Steph // giveaway!! fun size beauty

  19. Mmmm :-)


  20. wowwww handsome boysss!:):)
    By the way, maybe you want to follow each otehr on bloglovin and gfc?let me know it!

  21. I'm such a sucker for a man in a suit too (delicious!) You'd ADORE my best friends Beckham curtains (he's in nothing but a suit blazer and his boxers haha) that blueberry tea sounds amazing too!

    :) Elisse xx

  22. Hi! Lovely blog and great post!! :) I would like to invite you to know my blog, you like? ;)

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  24. Following you on FB and twitter !


    Coline !

  25. Auuuhhh ! Odavno se nisam ni na cijem postu ovako dugo zadrzala !
    Tezak izbor, al' David je David ! Love.


  26. I really like David Beckam's style
    Follow each other?