четвртак, 13. јун 2013.

Silver Lake,near Veliko Gradiste,Serbia / Take me out tonight where there's music and there's people and they're young and alive...

Silver Lake (Srebrno jezero)  is an oxbow lake along the right Danube bank in eastern Serbia, near the town of Veliko Gradište. It is a popular tourist resort.echarges from underground waters which, flowing  off from surrounding slopes and filtered through sandy soil, make this lake very clear. The lake is surrounded by spacious sandy beaches, which can accommodate thousands of swimmers. It is suitable for water sports and rich in fish. The lake is 3 km away from Veliko Gradiste. It’s connected to the town with  excellent paved road and a newly built, well-lit walking trail and cycling paths. Great place for relaxation.

The lake has been a popular holiday and fishing destination for decades, but recently experienced visitor's boom, attracting tourists from all over Central Serbia, despite lack of major accommodations. The lake has one hotel (Srebrno jezero), several restaurant-boardinghouses, a weekend-settlement and the largest car camping park in Serbia.As a result of the lake's growing popularity, it has been since recently advertised as "Serbian sea", since Serbia is landlocked. It's really a beautiful place to visit,especially in the summer.

I go there everytime I go to Pozarevac and I always have a good time! 
The funny thing is that I'm wearing brand new things that I bought in Belgrade on these photos - beautiful dress from Indicom,gladiators from Deichman,MY STUNNING BACKPACK from Accessorize and handmade earrings that I bought in Usce.I really had a great time at this beautiful lake,but It was really hot the day I was there and I swear I almost die,so I didn't really enjoyed completely. It's been raining in my town for almost 6 days without stoping and today sun is finaly starting to show up! I am going to my village on Saturday ( my summer holiday is starting tomorrow!) and I'll be away for two weeks. I'll be back with loads of new cool photos to share them with you,don't worry. My birthday is on Monday and tomorrow my friends are coming to my place to celebrate my birthday,since I'll be away,and the end of this school year.  I have all A's at the end of this school year ( 5.00 ) ! :)  
I really hope that you guys will have a great summer,that you will all enjoy in the beautiful sunny days that are coming ! I love you guys soooooo much! You are the best readers and follower in the world!

*check out Silver Lake's official site . *

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  1. Hey gorgeous love the simplicity of the dress glad you had a great time.

  2. prekrasno mjesto:) sviđa mi se jako ta maksi haljina, baš je divna.

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  6. o wow!!! i love that maxi dress! and that's such a great place for a holiday!
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  10. Looks like a cool place!


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  11. I never really took the time when I was in Serbia to explore it more ... Cool tips for my next visit :D Thank you for your comment :) Following back ;)
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  13. That dress is sooo beautiful! Love it :D


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