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Helsingor / Klampenborg (Bakken) , Denmark . / And the rest is still unwritten...

Hello my lovely readers! I got the opporunity to visit one of the most interesting cities in Denmark - Helsingor. It is such a beautiful city,full of interesting buildings,monuments and of course - castles . We went from Helsingborg (Sweden) to Helsingor (Denmark) by a ship called Aurora. We travelled for about 20 minutes,it's not that far away. And I enjoyed the view from the shipboard. It was such a beautiful day,sunny but windy.Perfect combination. Please,ignore the fact that I look awful in my shorts but they were really comfortable for my trip and they look good with this HIM shirt that my sister gave me .I really hope that you will enjoy in these photos and some facts about this beautiful city. 

Incredible view from the shipboard. It was so windy that I only took this photo and ran like crazy in the cabin.You should've seen my hair after that! I look like I just got slapped in the face by a giant fan.

Helsingor, often known in English-speaking countries by Elsinore, as in Shakespeare, is a city in eastern Denmark.Helsingør, as it is known today, was founded in the 1420s by the Danish king Eric of Pomerania.It's such a stunning city. We really had a blast there. And it was really nice that we all could go there together : mom,auntie,uncle,sister,brother-in-law and me. We rearly have a chance to go somewhere all together. So we really laughed a lot and just had a really great day. Especially since my auntie brought cinammon cookies with her. Haha,I love those cookies! But I do have to admit that it was very windy,and thank MOM I brought my hoodie with me. I leave you with the photos of the city,I love to photograph the arhitecture. I'm sorry for the bad quality of my photos.

So many colours in one place! I love these buildings so much!They're so beautiful,right?

Super cool yellow train. It's really fast but my auntie captured it like a pro.Thanks auntie!

Kronborg is a castle and Stronghold in the city of HelsingorDenmark. Immortalized as Elsinore in William Shakespeare's play Hamlet, Kronborg is one of the most important Renaissance castles in Northern Europe and has been added to UNESCO's World Heritage Sites list.It's simply gorgeous! 

We actually went to the famous Bakken,amusement park,since we were in Denmark,it was a rare chance to visit it. I'm not a big fan of amusement parks but this one is amazing. We did waited 30 minutes to get our tickets,but it was worth it! I wouldn't go to the most of the dangerous drives (?) but since I have the most insane sister and brother-in-law they made go to the wooden roller coaster , the water roller coaster ,the swans roller coaster , 5D cinema and a SMALL roller coaster (the scariest one).

Can you spot us? We're the second and third from the begging! IT WAS SOOO SCARY!

 But the scariest one was this small roller coaster at the begging of the amusement park. It looks very cute,and we saw little kids driving on it so we decided to try it out. First 10 seconds we were going slowly up and it was really beautiful because you could see the entire amusement park and my brother-in-law even made a joke saying that he could do this all day long. BUT when we finished riding up the train (?) stopped for 2 second and it just went down so fast that I was sure that I am going to fall out of my seat. My sister screamed and we grabbed eachothers hand. The train went up and down and left and right and dear GOD at one moment I was hanging up side down from my seat! The ride was over after less than a minute but we just couldn't get out of our seats. My hands we shaking like crazy and my sister was all like : ''I AM SO GOING TO THROW UP NOW!'' ,but after 15 minutes we were ok. The whole thing wouldn't really be that scary if we expected it! Thank you Bakken for scaring me out! 

Thank you so much for reading my post! I really had a great week and I can't believe that the school is starting in a week! This picture of Demi Lovato and a little boy named Iain is the most beautiful photo that I've seen this week and I decided to share it with you,in honor of Demi's birthday. I hope that you all had a great week. I have so many photos to share with you in my next posts,so I hope that you will be checking out my blog in September! Love you all,xx.

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  1. I LOVE your shirt and HIM!!! Ville is probably my #1 hearthrob! Don't know what it is about that guy...but he's sexxxy and I love his voice. I haven't kept up with him much these days though.

  2. Amazing pictures so beautiful its the places and you look great.

  3. Cool pics, really nice post. The Picture of Demi and the little boy is very powerful and beautiful.
    Audrey and Pearl

  4. How wonderful that you made such an interesting trip with so many members of your family - it looks really like you had a great day <3 Thanks for sharing the interesting facts and the great picutures, now I know much more about this city - thank you!

    And you look cool in your shirt with the shorts!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


    1. Thank you so much Rena! I really had a great time!
      Lots of kisses for you! xx

    2. I thank you for your nice comment :) Wish you a happy rest of the week!

      xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  5. Lovely pictures, awesome

  6. amazing photos! seems like you has a great time! :D


  7. These pictures are beautiful!!!!
    I have never been in denmark :/


  8. Really amazing place to be!
    Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???

  9. Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! I love yours and would really love for us to follow each other.
    what do you think?


  10. Super fotke!


  11. Looks so fun and beautiful. Love the architecture! I’d love for us to keep in touch via bloglovin’, GFC, or Instagram! Let me know on my blog, I’ll be sure to follow back!

    s a r t o r i a l d i n e r
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  12. It looks like a really fun trip, love Scandinavia!
    Simona/OFF DUTY

  13. Oh it looked like so much fan. I have never been to the northern parts of europe but I really think I have to go there!♡♡♡
    Love from Munich, Elisa